About The Man Of Much Metal

I am the ‘Man of Much Metal’. What else would you like to know about me?!

Contrary to popular belief, this is certainly not an arrogant, self-aggrandising title, but actually a nickname that I was given by my late younger brother many years ago to reflect his pride in his older sibling’s love of metal. The moniker has stuck, as has my unshakeable love of all things heavy metal.

A failed musician, I have instead dedicated my spare time to discovering and writing about the music that holds a special place in my heart; it is my way of giving something back to a community that has given me so much over the last 20 years or so. For the past five years, I have contributed to Powerplay Magazine in the UK and more recently I have started writing for ThisIsNotAScene and Ghost Cult (previously Scratch The Surface) websites.

I do not restrict myself to specific genres although it must be said that I rarely venture far from my rock/metal roots. Progressive metal, in its loosest sense, is where I derive most pleasure these days but if it’s well written and features a guitar, I’m almost certainly going to like it.

Favourite bands? My top five would include Evergrey, Shadow Gallery, Katatonia and Haken with a spot open for regular rotation!

I can also be found on twitter at: @manofmuchmetal and facebook here.

6 thoughts on “About The Man Of Much Metal”

  1. Totally. The Metal community rules. Unfortunately, it’s gone underground since the 1990s (I’m old) and really glad the internet exists as people like you and I can have places where we write about Metal again. B|

  2. Hi,

    Your review of Steigoi’s “Abandon All Faith” helped encourage me to buy it. I eagerly await its delivery.

    Thank you.

    Mike Plaisance
    Holyoke, Massachusetts

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