5 thoughts on “Kardashev – Liminal Rite – Album Review”

  1. Wow had i dug through your archive past 2018 I would have seen that you have never listened to Kardashev, I am sorry you did not get on the train till now. But whew what an Album to come in on!

  2. Man, I’m so happy you resonated with this as much as I have. I’ve been grappling the effect this album has had on me since its release, I must have listened to it 20 or more times by now and I’m unable to control myself. The melodies and lyrics float around in my head rent-free. The more I listen and dissect the music, the more I fall for it. It’s an album that’ll be on repeat for what I can assume for the rest of my life.

    What’s your thoughts on the production of the album? Its hotly debated in the metal community, but I believe once you allow yourself to be consumed by the music, the production falls way out of the focus of anything. To no fault of the own though, that’s Metal Blade’s job. That’s my only contention with the album, a minor one at best.

    Just a side point, the narration is done by the bassist. He also did the songwriting and lyrics of the album. Also check out Mark’s YouTube channel, Kardavox Academy, he’s a stand up guy that deserves all of the accolades.

    1. Hi Tyler, thanks for getting in touch. It’s such a beautiful album, I can’t get enough of it. The production is not the best that I have ever heard, and it certainly doesn’t detract from my enjoyment whatsoever. Thanks for the clarification on the narration – it wasn’t clear fom the press release unfortunately.

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