My Top 20 of 2012 – Number 18

If you missed day two, feel free to check it out here, whilst day one can be seen here.

sylosis 1 Sylosis
Nuclear Blast Records

At 18, I give you ‘Monolith’ by Sylosis. As the saying goes, ‘monolith by name, monolith by nature’, as this third album from the UK’s very own Sylosis is a monster of an album.

Blending the aggression of thrash with elements of progressive and death metal, it is a thoroughly modern-sounding beast and is an intense and epic listen from start to finish. ‘Monolith’ feels like a darker album, almost incorporating some doom into the compositions. But thanks to a melodic sensibility, it remains sufficiently accessible at the same time.

sylosis 2

Much like its predecessor, some have bemoaned the length of the album as it is more generous than the standard album these days. However, if you like music and take it seriously, then you will find the time to listen to a quality album like this. Simple as that.

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